c. zing chang has painted with both oils and acrylics on canvas, but for now, is focusing on acrylics. in addition, some work is done with pastels on paper.

current favorite subjects are paris life, pet paintings and portraits.

paris life includes landscapes of the distinctive parisian chimneys and rooftops and still lives of the beautiful market produce.

the pet paintings, done on commission, are viewed by the artist as more than merely pet portraits. they are consciously created compositions with well loved pets in them.

lastly, the portraits are “customized” copies of well known portraits.

photography has influenced the artist’s compositions in several ways. firstly, the aesthetic of harshly cropped images is used. this brings focus to shapes, which, in turn, leads to a sort of abstraction in reality. in addition, by framing everyday objects, the paintings elevate the mundane and draws attention to its beauty.

though the style of the paintings is realistic, there is no interest in hyper-realism. in fact, the textures given by brushwork on canvas and pastel strokes on paper are always cherished.